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Midland Air Museum

The Midland Air Museum as it is today represents many years of dedicated commitment by our volunteers and staff who have helped to establish one of the country’s leading self-funded independent aviation museums.

We believe it is very important that our museum provides the opportunity for visitors of all ages to experience the world of aviation in a friendly and informal environment.

In 2008 we acquired the status of a Nationally Accredited Museum which is a recognition of our achievements over many years. This award is one that we are very proud of and is also a benchmark for our ongoing future development.

May I take this opportunity on behalf of the Staff and Volunteers of the Midland Air Museum to welcome you to the Museum and would like to thank you for your support.

Address: Midland Air Museum, Coventry Airport, Baginton, Warks, CV3 4FR
Phone: 02476 301033
Email: [email protected]

I.DI.D WornTypeC/nNotesLast noted
N1498N1498Armstrong-Whitworth AW.38 Whitley V1638fuselage section11/12/2021
G-APRLG-APRLArmstrong-Whitworth AW.650 Argosy 101665211/12/2021
XL360XL360Avro Vulcan B.2Set 3211/12/2021
VT935VT935Boulton Paul P.111A?11/12/2021
BAPC.398T5298Bristol Beaufighter TF.X?Cockpit Section11/12/2021
NoneBritish Aerospace Harrier GR5 Procedural Training?Cockpit Section11/12/2021
ZE694ZE694British Aerospace Sea Harrier F/A.2P2811/12/2021
R-756R-756Canadair F-104GR683D-610111/12/2021
G-BRNMG-BRNMChichester-Miles Leopard211/12/2021
7070Dassault Mystere IVA7011/12/2021
VF301VF301De Havilland (English Electric) Vampire F.1?11/12/2021
58-206258-2062De Havilland Canada U-6A Beaver 139411/12/2021
G-ALCUG-ALVDDe Havilland DH.104 Dove 1B402211/12/2021
XN685XN685De Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.21009311/12/2021
G-ARYBG-ARYBDe Havilland DH.125-125002fuselage section11/12/2021
BAPC.126Druine D.31 Turbulent Clipped Wing?11/12/2021
WF922WF922English Electric Canberra PR.37122711/12/2021
WF922WF922English Electric Canberra T.17A71118Cockpit Section11/12/2021
XR771XR771English Electric Lightning F.69523611/12/2021
ZF59855-713English Electric Lightning T.55B1/9502611/12/2021
XA508XA508Fairey Gannet T.2F932811/12/2021
XA699XA699Gloster Javelin FAW.5?11/12/2021
EE531EE531Gloster Meteor F.4 (mod)?11/12/2021
VZ477VZ477Gloster Meteor F.8?Cockpit Section11/12/2021
WS838WS838Gloster Meteor NF.14?11/12/2021
XF382XF382Hawker Hunter F.6AS4/U/328211/12/2021
WV797WV797Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6605811/12/2021
BAPC.9Humber Monoplane (Replica)?11/12/2021
G-CHNXG-CHNXLockheed L188A(F) Electra1068Cockpit Section11/12/2021
1441951-4419Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star580-571411/12/2021
17473Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star580-736711/12/2021
57-027057-0270McDonnell Douglas F-101B Voodoo44811/12/2021
63-769963-7699McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II83911/12/2021
56-031256-0312McDonnell Douglas TF-101B Voodoo40811/12/2021
G-AEGVG-AEGVMignet HM.14 Pou-du-CielEMAC111/12/2021
959959Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21SPS-K94650311/12/2021
4217454-1174North American F-100D Super Sabre223-5411/12/2021
N196B48-0242North American F-86A Sabre151-4361111/12/2021
ZA452ZA452Panavia Tornado GR.4BS08211/12/2021
G-AOKZVS623Percival P.40 Prentice T.1PAC-23811/12/2021
4081706PZL/WSK Mielec TS-11 Iskra-bis B1H-040811/12/2021
2964029640Saab J29B Tunnan2964011/12/2021
XK789XK789Slingsby Grasshopper TX.1103511/12/2021
F-BGNRF-BGNRVickers Viscount V.7083511/12/2021
G-APWNWestland Whirlwind Srs.1WA29811/12/2021
G-ASWJ8449MBeagle B.206C Srs.1B.009Stored11/12/2021
G-MJWHG-MJWHChargus Vortex?Stored11/12/2021
XJ579XJ580De Havilland DH.110 Sea Vixen FAW.210061Cockpit Section Stored11/12/2021
BGA538Elliots of Newbury AP.5 Olympia 2EON/O/040Frame Stored11/12/2021
G-APJJG-APJJFairey Ultra-Light HelicopterF.9428Stored11/12/2021
XH592XH593Handley-Page HP.80 Victor B.1AHP80/33Cockpit Section Stored11/12/2021
62-453562-4536Kaman HH-43F Huskie161Stored11/12/2021
63-741463-7414McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II339Stored11/12/2021
XR635XR635Westland Scout AH.1F.9535Stored11/12/2021
BAPC.32Crossley Tom Thumb?StoredNot noted
XD626XD626De Havilland DH. Vampire T.11?StoredNot noted
XE855XE855De Havilland DH. Vampire T.11?StoredNot noted
2836828368Flettner FI282V-10?StoredNot noted
XK741GN-101Folland Gnat F.1?StoredNot noted
JR505JR505Hawker Typhoon Ib?Cockpit Section StoredNot noted
VS623VS623Parnall Pixie IIIa?StoredNot noted
??Slingsby Cadet TX.1?StoredNot noted
XK789XK789Slingsby Grasshopper?StoredNot noted
XK907XK907Westland Whirlwind HAS.7?Cockpit Section StoredNot noted
G-ABOIG-ABOIWheeler Slymph?StoredNot noted
57-0270McDonnell Douglas F-101B Voodoo448On Loan to Coventry Airport Fire and Rescue ServiceNot noted

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