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    From what I’ve been able to find so far:

    4x F-16: 002, 006, 028, 004
    4x F-16: 88-0446/AV 88-0460/AV 89-2024/AV 89-2044/AV [“Buzzard”]
    4x M2000: 505, 549, 550, 555
    4x RFAL: ___/4-HE, ___/30-GU, ___/30-GM, ___/30-GY
    4x F-4: 71750, 01534, 01509, 71750 – not 100% on these
    1x P-3: 744
    1x KC-135: 58-0036/D [“Quid43”]
    1x A330: ZZ336 [“Apollo”]
    4x AH-64: ES1022, ES1025, ES1024, ES____
    2x OH-58: ES521, ES528
    3x UH-1: ES626, ES657, ES___
    4x CH-47: ES930, ES925, ES928, ES___ (no serial worn?)
    2x NH-90: ES850, ES888
    3x AH-64: ES1003, ES1007, ES1014
    2x S-70: PN-51, PN-53
    1x EC135, 1x BO105: SX-HPE, SX-HP_
    1x AS365: HC-32
    1x AS332, 1x BK117: SX-HFF, SE-HFE

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