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The Fleet Air Arm Museum – representing the flying arm of the Royal Navy. The history of the Royal Navy is preserved for the benefit of today’s and future generations by the National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN) which includes four museums of the Royal Navy (NMRN Portsmouth & HMS Victory, Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Fleet Air Arm Museum and the Royal Marines Museum). Together they tell the story of the Royal Navy – On the Sea, Under the Sea, In the Air and On the Land.

Representing the Royal Navy In the Air. With four exhibition halls, over ninety aircraft and over 2 million records and 30 thousand artefacts the Museum is Europe’s largest naval aviation Museum. In addition it houses the first British Concorde which you can go on board, view the cockpit and visit the award winning Aircraft Carrier Experience

Address:  RNAS Yeovilton, Ilchester, Somerset, BA22 8HT
Phone:  01935 842600
Email: [email protected]

I.DI.D WornTypeC/nNotesLast noted
BAPC.149NoneShorts S.27 Replica?Hall 128/01/2022
BAPC.442‘N2078’Sopwith Baby Floatplane?Hall 128/01/2022
8359NoneShort 184?Hall 1 (wreckage forward fuselage)28/01/2022
G-AIZGL2301Supermarine Walrus I6S/21840Hall 128/01/2022
VX595As I.D.Westland Dragonfly HR.5WA/H/008Hall 128/01/2022
XZ699As I.D.Westland Lynx HAS.3157Hall 128/01/2022
XS508As I.D.Westland Wessex HU.5WA177Hall 128/01/2022
XV663/CU-18As I.D.Westland Sea King HAS.6WA651Hall 128/01/2022
HS618‘P4319’Fairey Swordfish II?Hall 228/01/2022
N1854As I.D.Fairey Fulmar IIF3707Hall 228/01/2022
AL246As I.D.Grumman Martlet I656Hall 228/01/2022
L2940NoneBlackburn Skua II?Hall 2 – Skua Exhibition (wreckage)28/01/2022
EX976As I.D.North American Harvard IIIHall 228/01/2022
KD431/E2-MAs I.D.Vought Corsair IV1871Hall 228/01/2022
100545NoneFocke Achgelis Fa 330A-1 Bachstelgze100545Hall 228/01/2022
KE209As I.D.Grumman Hellcat IIA.10924Hall 228/01/2022
XB446As I.D.Grumman Avenger ECM.6B2241Hall 228/01/2022
LZ551/GAs I.D.De Havilland Vampire I?Hall 228/01/2022
XA127NoneDe Havilland Sea Vampire T2215405Hall 2 (Cockpit only)28/01/2022
G-BMZF01420WSK-Mielec Lim 21B01-420Hall 228/01/2022
WJ231?Hawker Sea Fury FB.11?Hall 228/01/2022
SX137As I.D.Supermarine Seafire F.XVIIWASE15327Hall 228/01/2022
WN493As I.D.Westland Dragonfly HR.5WA/H/070Hall 228/01/2022
XA466/LM-777As I.D.Fairey Gannet COD.4F9319Hall 3 – Carrier28/01/2022
XT769As I.D.Westland Wessex HU.5WA551Hall 3 – Carrier (Visitors travel to carrier on XT769)28/01/2022
XT482/ZM-19As I.D.Westland Wessex HU.5WA304Hall 3 – Carrier (Visitors depart from carrier on XT482)28/01/2022
WW138/Z-227As I.D.De Havilland Sea Venom FAW.2212712Hall 3 – Carrier28/01/2022
WA473/J-102As I.D.Supermarine Attacker F.1?Hall 3 – Carrier28/01/2022
XS590/E-131As I.D.De Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.210148Hall 3 – Carrier28/01/2022
XD317/R-112As I.D.Supermarine Scimitar F.1?Hall 3 – Carrier28/01/2022
XT596As I.D.McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.11527Hall 3 – Carrier28/01/2022
WV856/163As I.D.Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.66101Hall 3 – Carrier28/01/2022
XV333/H-234As I.D.Blackburn Buccaneer S.2BB3-11-66Hall 3 – Carrier28/01/2022
XN957/LM-630As I.D.Blackburn Buccaneer S.1B3-12-62Hall 3 – Carrier28/01/2022
XP841As I.D.Handley Page HP.115?Hall 428/01/2022
XP980As I.D.Hawker P.1127?Hall 428/01/2022
WG774As I.D.BAC.221F9421Hall 428/01/2022
ZA298/YAs I.D.Westland Sea King HC.4WA912Hall 428/01/2022
XZ720/410As I.D.Westland Lynx HAS.3GMS166Hall 428/01/2022
XZ493/‘001’As I.D.Hawker Siddeley Sea Harrier FRS.1912017Hall 428/01/2022
G-BSSTAs I.D.BAC/Sud Concorde002Hall 428/01/2022
ZD433/45AAs I.D.BAe Harrier GR.9AP45Hall 428/01/2022
N5419NoneBristol Scout (replica)01Hall 428/01/2022
DP872As I.D.Fairey Barracuda II?Restoration Worshop28/01/2022

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