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Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering – RAF Cosford

Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering – RAF Cosford

The Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering (DSAE) is a Defence Training Establishment (DTEs) of the British Ministry of Defence. It was formed on 1 April 2004 and provides training for aircraft engineering officers and tradesmen across the three British armed forces. The school comprises a headquarters, No. 1 School of Technical Training and the Aerosystems Engineer and Management Training School all based at RAF Cosford, the Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival School (RNAESS) at HMS Sultan, with elements also based at RAF Cranwell and MOD St. Athan.

Address: RAF Cosford, Albrighton, Wolverhampton, WV7 3EX
Phone: 01902 377216
Email: [email protected]

I.D.TypeC/nNotesLast noted
XM362Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.3PAC/W/63198/15/2019
XR498Westland Wessex HC.2WA1234/21/2022
XW327/62 (9130M)Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.5AEEP/JP/9914/21/2022
XW852Westland Gazelle HCC.4102432 Sqn scheme4/21/2022
XX110/EPSEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.38/15/2019
XX112/EASEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.58/15/2019
XX117/ESSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.106 Sqn scheme8/15/2019
XX119/AISEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.12Spotty scheme8/15/2019
XX141/TSEPECAT Jaguar T.2AB.6Black scheme8/15/2019
XX145SEPECAT Jaguar T.2AB.10Raspberry Ripple scheme4/21/2022
XX168British Aerospace Hawk T.13120158/15/2019
XX181British Aerospace Hawk T.1W3120288/15/2019
XX185British Aerospace Hawk T.13120328/15/2019
XX218British Aerospace Hawk T.1A3120548/15/2019
XX224British Aerospace Hawk T.1W3120608/15/2019
XX227British Aerospace Hawk T.1A312063Red Arrows Scheme
XX235British Aerospace Hawk T.1W3120718/15/2019
XX236/236British Aerospace Hawk T.1W3120728/15/2019
XX244British Aerospace Hawk T.1312080Red Arrows Scheme
XX283British Aerospace Hawk T.1W3121088/15/2019
XX335/335British Aerospace Hawk T.1A312159208 Sqn scheme4/21/2022
XX412/BWestland Gazelle AH.113624/21/2022
XX723/EUSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.208/15/2019
XX724/CSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3S.218/15/2019
XX725/T/KC-FSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.22Op Granby with 238Sqn code4/21/2022
XX726/EB (8947M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.238/15/2019
XX727/ER (8951M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.244/21/2022
XX729/ELSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.268/15/2019
XX738/EDSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.358/15/2019
XX743/EG (8949M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.408/15/2019
XX746/S (8895M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.434/21/2022
XX748/LSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.458/15/2019
XX752/EKSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.498/15/2019
XX756/W (8899M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.538/15/2019
XX766/EF (9257M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.638/15/2019
XX767/ZSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.648/15/2019
XX818/DE (8945M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.678/15/2019
XX819/CE (8923M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.688/15/2019
XX821/PSEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.708/15/2019
XX825/BN (9020M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.744/21/2022
XX833SEPECAT Jaguar T.2AB.218/15/2019
XX835/PSEPECAT Jaguar T.4B.23100 Years of 238 Sqn and 80 Years of RAF Cosford Tail8/15/2019
XX837/Z (8978M)SEPECAT Jaguar T.2B.258/15/2019
XX840/EYSEPECAT Jaguar T.4B.288/15/2019
XX847/EZSEPECAT Jaguar T.4B.358/15/2019
XX889Blackburn Buccaneer S.2BB3-05-734/21/2022
XX959/CJ (8953M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.8127/10/2021
XX965/CSEPECAT Jaguar GR.1AS.87Black ‘The Saint’ Scheme8/15/2019
XX967/AC (9006M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.898/15/2019
XX968/AJ (9007M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.908/15/2019
XX969/01 (8897M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.918/15/2019
XX970/EHSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.928/15/2019
XX975/07 (8905M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.9727/10/2021
XX976/BD (8906M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.9827/10/2021
XZ103/EFSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.1048/15/2019
XZ104/FMSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.1058/15/2019
XZ109/ENSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.1108/15/2019
XZ112/GWSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.1138/15/2019
XZ114/EOSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.1158/15/2019
XZ115/WRSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.1168/15/2019
XZ117/ESSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.1188/15/2019
XZ305Westland Gazelle AH.115434/21/2022
XZ358/LSEPECAT Jaguar GR.1AS.1258/15/2019
XZ367/EESEPECAT Jaguar GR.3S.1348/15/2019
XZ368/E (8900M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.1358/15/2019
XZ370/JB (9004M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.1374/21/2022
XZ371/AP (8907M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.1388/15/2019
XZ374/JC (9005M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.14121/10/2021
XZ377/EPSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.1446/9/2018
XZ383/AF (8901M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.14821/10/2021
XZ384/BCSEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.14921/10/2021
XZ389/BL (8946M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.1544/21/2022
XZ390/DM (9003M)SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1AS.1558/15/2019
XZ391/ETSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.1568/15/2019
XZ392/EMSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.1578/15/2019
XZ398/EQSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3S.1638/15/2019
XZ399/EJSEPECAT Jaguar GR.3AS.1648/15/2019
XZ991British Aerospace Harrier GR.3A7122144/21/2022
ZA320/CA/JGPanavia Tornado GR.1BT002RAF 17 Sqn (Portside) and 27 Sqn (stb side)4/21/2022
ZA323/TAZPanavia Tornado GR.1BT0038/15/2019
ZA356Panavia Tornado GR.1TBT009Cockpit8/15/2019
ZA357/TTVPanavia Tornado GR.1BT0108/15/2019
ZA447/19Panavia Tornado GR.4BS0778/15/2019
ZA450/TH (9317M)Panavia Tornado GR.1BS0808/15/2019
ZA459/25Panavia Tornado GR.4BS0898/15/2019
ZA585/54Panavia Tornado GR.4BS0288/15/2019
ZB615SEPECAT Jaguar T.2B.38Raspberry Ripple scheme4/21/2022
ZD465/55British Aerospace Harrier GR.9P558/15/2019
ZD715/083Panavia Tornado GR.4BS1168/15/2019
ZD793Panavia Tornado GR.4BS1364/21/2022
ZD849/110Panavia Tornado GR.4BS1478/15/2019
ZD939Panavia Tornado F.2AS008Cockpit8/15/2019
ZE340/GOPanavia Tornado F.3TAT025RAF 43 Squadron markings8/15/2019
ZH796/L-001British Aerospace Sea Harrier F/A.2NB01Royal Navy 801NAS Markings4/21/2022
ZJ695PI Genfly8/15/2019
ZJ696PI Genfly8/15/2019
ZJ697PI Genfly8/15/2019
ZJ698PI Genfly8/15/2019
ZK006Typhoon Training Aid8/15/2019
ZK008Typhoon Training Aid8/15/2019

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