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    Stored at Lasham in April 1991 after the airline went bankrupt in the previous month. Boeing 757s G-BNSD,  G-BNSF and Boeing 737-400s G-BNPB, G-BPKC. Note SF wearing  the German Flag.

    Air Europe Boeing 757s G-BNSD and G-BNSF

    Air Europe Boeing 737-400s G-BPKC and G-BNPB

    Air Europe 737 G-BNPB at Lasham in 1991.

    Air Europe 737 G-BPKC at Lasham in 91.

    Air Europe Boeing 757 G-BNSD at Lasham on 26/6/91


    ‘SF with a German flag presumably as it was due to become D-AOEB with Nürnberger Flugdienst, before Air Europe decided to keep it on the G- and obviously before they then subsequently went under!

    It did eventually make its way back to the UK as G-LSAA, too…

    G-LSAA | Boeing 757-236 | Jet2.com

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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