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    We have the following rules which must be obeyed to achieve a friendly and smooth-running forum, please take the time to read and understand before posting.

    By registering as a member of the Planet Avgeek forum you agree to both the following terms and conditions and rules.

    1. No swearing or offensive language/behaviour of any nature within the forum.
    2. This forum is for all ages of the “avgeek” community, please respect this and do not post or link to derogatory or pornographic material.
    3. A moderators word/decision is final, no conversations regarding an issue will be undertaken by any moderators
    4. Posts which could be, or are seen as libellous will be deleted without warning and the poster may receive a ban.
    5. Please be courteous and respectful to other Planet Avgeek community members at all times. Do not post a remark that is purely to provoke another member. Think before you type, remember that discussions and debates are encouraged but not provocation. Posts of such description can be brought to the attention of the Planet Avgeek team via the forum reporting function.
    6. We welcome information being shared on the forum, if a member asks that the information is not shared elsewhere please respect that. If the information may be shared elsewhere please tag or give credit to the author and Planet Avgeek.
    7. The use of ICAO and IATA codes purely as a means of identifying a location is permitted however some members may not know which code relates to which airfield. Those who wish to include ICAO and IATA please include the airfield name also. TACAN, VOR and NDB identifiers can still be used in the monitoring section as part of an airway or routing.
    8. Moderators can and will edit/delete posts or entire threads that are in breach of any rules without warning.
    9. ALL posts must be made in readable English. If you are using text speak please remember that not everyone may understand it and it may be easier for everyone involved to write in proper English! If you are in doubt of how to spell a word then please use Google, a spell-checker or a dictionary. Can we remind all members to use grammar to the best of their abilities, we are a worldwide forum and many foreign members will have trouble reading incorrect English.
    10. Posts should never be made entirely with capital letters (neither should topic titles) – this is classed as shouting and is rude.
    11. Under no circumstances is the Planet Avgeek name or any other Threshold.aero tradename to be used to gain access or attempt to gain access to any show, airfield or airport establishment without the permission of an owner of Threshold.aero. Failure to do this will result in an instant ban no questions asked.
    12. Personal attacks and aggressive behaviour via PM to any member of the team and for that matter any other member will result in an immediate ban being issued with no appeal.
    13. All posts on this forum are the authors words, and Planet Avgeek are in no way responsible/liable for the contents of those posts.
    14. We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time.
    15. Always respect the decisions of the staff team.
    16. Multiple logon names for any one user are forbidden, if you already have an account then do not register for an additional one. It is permitted if you have a company that you feel would benefit from having its own login, please contact a member of the staff team to discuss.
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