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Heathrow’s new spotting venue!

Heathrow’s new spotting venue!

“New viewing location opens at Londons Heathrow Airport”

That’s not something we hear much these days, especially at an international hub such as Heathrow.

The Novotel on the Bath Road (A4) at London Heathrow has opened a viewing area for plane spotting and photography. Open to the public and located on its fourth floor and affording views of the northern runway 27R/09L. The view from this location is above the smaller renaissance hotel and road below, meaning photography is possible with a lens of 100mm or more to capture runway operations. We do recommend that you invest in a rubber lens hood before visiting to stop the reflections on the glass.

The viewing area is within an active hotel, to access it you need to purchase a subscription or pay on entry.


The headline fee is an unlimited visit monthly rate of £50, or £20 for under 12s. You could also book a double room, breakfast and access to viewing area for £80 per night. Day rates are:

  • £20 Day rate – Available from 0400AM – 1000PM
  • £10 Day rate Under 12 – Available from 0400AM – 1000PM
  • £15 Day rate – If bookings are in made 5 days in advance. Available from 0400AM – 1000PM

Of if you’d like to pay per hour:

  • £3 Per Hour – Anytime from 0400AM – 1000PM
  • £10 4 Hours – Anytime from 0400AM – 1000PM

These prices include parking. An additional 30% discount is available at the restaurant in the hotel for all viewing deck users, Do not bring food with you onto the viewing deck.

Access times are 4am-10pm, which mirrors the airport’s opening hours.

At the present time there are Covid-19 restrictions, limited numbers of around 60 people can use the viewing deck at any one time. Make sure you have your own mask, however hand sanitiser stations are provided.

Thanks must be awarded to Zulqarnain Butt, a local spotter and who created the London Heathrow Spotters Facebook group. Who had the vision to discuss this with Novotel and see it through to fruition.

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