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Nighthawks arrive at Exeter

Nighthawks arrive at Exeter

With the 47th G7 summit being held in the UK this year between 11th – 13th June, the aviation enthusiast community are expecting to see plenty of military and government aviation assets descend on the South West of the UK.

United States Air Force C-17 transports started arriving at Newquay Airport in Cornwall on 31st May bringing in equipment in readiness for the 46th President of the United States arriving in the UK on Air Force One.

Shortly before 1800 hours local time on the 4th June, Exeter became the next airport in the West Country to see a gathering of photographers awaiting Marine Helicopter One (HMX-1) which is responsible for the transportation of the President, Vice President and other senior members of the Defence Staff and VIPs.

Flying from Lajes, Azores to Exeter, four MV-22Bs were supported by three US Marine Corps KC-130Js from VMGR-252 based at Cherry Point for air to air refuelling.

Otis51 Flight comprised of:

168069/BHLockheed KC-130J Hercules5660US Marine Corps VMGR-252
168071/BHLockheed KC-130J Hercules5676US Marine Corps VMGR-252
169534/BHLockheed KC-130J Hercules5881US Marine Corps VMGR-252

Nighthawk31 Flight comprised of:

168292/04Bell/Boeing MV-22B OspreyD0209US Marine Corps HMX-1
168297/05Bell/Boeing MV-22B OspreyD0214US Marine Corps HMX-1
168327/09Bell/Boeing MV-22B OspreyD0230US Marine Corps HMX-1
168335/11Bell/Boeing MV-22B OspreyD0238US Marine Corps HMX-1

All photos copyright of Kevin Wills.

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