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The Army Flying Museum is located at Middle Wallop, close to Andover, in Hampshire. The Museum tells the story of British Army Flying from the early days of military ballooning to the modern Army Air Corps. The collection was started in 1946 at RAF Andover but later moved to Middle Wallop and first opened to the public in 1974.

In 1984, the Museum moved from a location “behind the wire” to a new, purpose-build hangar which is located on the edge of an active airfield. The Museum has since been extended twice more and now comprises two large aircraft halls (the Prince Michael of Kent Hall and the Hayward Hall) a learning centre, a 1940s house display, a play park and conference facilities.

The collection covers the five main branches of Army Aviation: Royal Engineers (1878 – 1912), The Royal Flying Corps (1912-1918), Air Observation Post Squadrons (1941 – 1957), the Glider Pilot Regiment (1942 – 1957) and the current Army Air Corps (1957- to date). Over 40 aircraft can be seen in the Museum. These range from a First World War biplane to a HueyCobra attack helicopter plus an example of every Allied glider used operationally during the Second World War. 

Address: The Army Flying Museum, Kentsboro, Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 8DY, UK.

Contact : 01264 781086 | armyflying.com | [email protected]

Museum Open: 1000-1630Hrs | Apache Cafe Open: 0900-1600Hrs

Exhibits located inside

I.D.I.D. wornTypeC/nNotesLast Noted
70-15990As I.D.Bell AH-1F Cobra2093421-Nov-21
AE-409656Bell UH-1H Iroquois1320521-Nov-21
BAPC.163NoneHafner Rotabuggy 10-42?Replica21-Nov-21
BAPC.185“243809”WACO CG-4A Hadrian?Replica21-Nov-21
BAPC.261“HH268/H”General Aircraft Hotspur II?Replica21-Nov-21
BAPC.417NoneAirspeed Horsa I?Replica21-Nov-21
BAPC.561NoneWestland WR-06 Wisp?21-Nov-21
BAPC.562NoneWestland WR-07 Wideye?21-Nov-21
BAPC.80“KJ351”Airspeed Horsa II ?Replica21-Nov-21
BGA285G285/ESlingsby T6 Kite 1247A21-Nov-21
G-ABOX“N5195”Sopwith Scout?21-Nov-21
G-AXKS/SNoneWestland-Bell WB.47G-4AWA.723Bristow Livery21-Nov-21
G-AKOWTJ569Taylorcraft Auster AOP.V157921-Nov-21
G-ARYDWJ358Auster AOP.6A?21-Nov-21
N33600111989Cessna L-19A Bird Dog305-22303US Army markings21-Nov-21
P-5As I.D.Hafner H-8 Rotachute IV?21-Nov-21
TK777NoneGeneral Aircraft Limited GAL-49 Hamilcar Mk 1?Replica21-Nov-21
WG432/LAs I.D.De Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10C1/0506AAC BFWF markings21-Nov-21
XG502As I.D.Bristol 171 Sycamore HR.141324721-Nov-21
XK776As I.D.ML Utility Mk.1?21-Nov-21
XL813As I.D.Saunders-Roe Skeeter AOP.12S2/509821-Nov-21
XP821/MCOAs I.D.De Havilland Canada Beaver AL.1148421-Nov-21
XP847As I.D.Westland Scout AH.1F.947321-Nov-21
XR232As I.D.Aerospatiale Alouette AH.2150321-Nov-21
XT108/UAs I.D.Agusta-Bell Sioux AH.1157121-Nov-21
XV127As I.D.Westland Scout AH.1F.970221-Nov-21
XX153As I.D.Westland Lynx AH.102-Nov21-Nov-21
XZ675/HAs I.D.Westland Lynx AH.724021-Nov-21
ZA737As I.D.Westland Gazelle AH.1180621-Nov-21
ZE410As I.D.Agusta A.109A714421-Nov-21
ZG993As I.D.Britten-Norman Islander AL.1220221-Nov-21

Exhibits located outside

XP822As I.DDe Havilland Canada Beaver AL.1148621-Nov-21
XP910/DAs I.DWestland Scout AH.1F.951121-Nov-21

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