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The RAF Museum London

The Royal Air Force Museum was established as a legacy of the RAF’s fiftieth anniversary, opening our London (Hendon) site in 1972.

1968 saw the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the RAF, and a small display was held to celebrate the occasion. Later that year the last aircraft to use Hendon’s runways, a Blackburn Beverley, arrived and was put on display. Most of the airfield site was sold for housing but Hendon remained a busy RAF station, accommodating the Supply Control Centre and the Joint Services Air Trooping Centre.

The RAF Museum began acquiring objects in 1965. It had a store at RAF Henlow but needed a more suitable location. It was allocated the two remaining Auxiliary Air Force hangars near the railway. Once construction was completed aircraft were moved to Hendon. Gallery displays were produced with the help of the resident Exhibition Design and Display Unit of the RAF. On 15 November 1972 the RAF Museum was opened by Her Majesty The Queen.

Further expansion took place in 1978 with the opening of the Battle of Britain Museum and again in 1983 with the opening of the Bomber Command Museum.

Address: RAF Museum London, Grahame Park Way, London, NW9 5LL.
Phone: 020 8205 2266
Email: [email protected]

Opening Hours: 10AM – 5PM

Hangar 1

I.D.I.D. WornTypeC/nNotesLast Noted
BAPC.341NoneLockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II (FSM)?Replica19/11/21
BL614/ZD-FAs I.D.Supermarine Spitfire VbCBAF.164619/11/21
F1010/CAs I.D.AIRCO DH.9AWA8459AMA19/11/21
ML824/NS-FAs I.D.Short Sunderland Mk.5SH.98419/11/21
XR977As I.D.Folland Gnat T.1FL-57419/11/21
XZ585/AAs I.D.Westland Sea King HAR.3WA85119/11/21

Hangar 2 Grahame-White Factory

8417/18NoneFokker D.VII8417/1819/11/21
A6526As I.D.Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.2b84/A/45019/11/21
BAPC.107NoneBleriot XXVII433Replica19/11/21
BAPC.165“E2466”Bristol F.2B?Replica19/11/21
BAPC.181“687”Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2B (Replica)?Replica19/11/21
C3988As I.D.Sopwith Dolphin DR.5?19/11/21
F6314/BAs I.D.Sopwith Camel F.1?19/11/21
G-AETA“3066”Caudron G.3748719/11/21
G-ATVP“2345”Vickers FB.5 Gunbus (Replica)FB519/11/21
G-EBIC“F938”Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5A687/240419/11/21
G-EBJE“E449”Avro 504K?19/11/21
N5912As I.D.Sopwith Triplane?19/11/21
ZK-TVC“A3930/B”Vintage Aviator RE8-12Replica19/11/21
ZK-TVD“D7343/17”Albatros D.Va 83Replica19/11/21

Hangar 3

13064KL216/RS-LRepublic P-47D Thunderbolt399-5583419/11/21
A29-556“FX760/GA-?”Curtiss P-40N-5CU Warhawk2986319/11/21
BAPC.348“E6655/B”Sopwith 7F.1 Snipe (Replica)?Replica19/11/21
G-ABBB“K2227”Bristol Bulldog IIa744619/11/21
G-ABMR“J9941/57”Hawker HartH.H.119/11/21
G-AIXALB264Taylorcraft Plus D13419/11/21
LN-BNMFE905Noorduyn AT-16-ND Harvard IIB14-63919/11/21
MN235/I8-TAs I.D.Hawker Typhoon IB15321919/11/21
NV778As I.D.Hawker Tempest TT.5?19/11/21
PK724As I.D.Supermarine Spitfire F.24CBAF.25519/11/21
RW393“TB675/4D-V”Supermarine Spitfire XVIeCBAF.IX465119/11/21
VT812/NAs I.D.English Electric Vampire F.3?19/11/21
WE139As I.D.English Electric Canberra PR.37111019/11/21
WH301As I.D.Gloster Meteor F.8?19/11/21
WP962/CAs I.D.De Havilland Chipmunk T.10C1/080919/11/21
XA302As I.D.Slingsby Cadet TX.384419/11/21
XG154As I.D.Hawker Hunter FGA.9S4/U/338719/11/21
XS925/BAAs I.D.English Electric Lightning F.69525819/11/21
XW323/86As I.D.Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.5AEEP/JP/98719/11/21
G-FAAGNoneArmstrong-Whitworth R.33?Airship gondola19/11/21
N5628NoneGloster Gladiator II?Forward fuselage19/11/21
XM463/38As I.D.Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.3APAC/W/9271Fuselage only19/11/21
WZ791As I.D.Slingsby Grasshopper TX.1787Hangar 3,4, 5 entrance foyer19/11/21

Hangar 4

920As I.D.Supermarine StranraerCV-20919/11/21
BAPC.436“DD931/L”Bristol 152 Beaufort VIII?19/11/21
BT47413-95Fiat CR.42?19/11/21
DG200Black 12Messerschmitt BF.109E-3410119/11/21
G-BEOXA16-199Lockheed Hudson Mk.IIIA414-646419/11/21
KL110“KK995/E”Sikorsky R4B Hoverfly I14019/11/21
N-9899As I.D.Supermarine Southampton I?Fuselage19/11/21
P2617/AF-FAs I.D.Hawker Hurricane I?607 Squadron Markings19/11/21
RD253As I.D.Bristol Beaufighter TF.X?19/11/21
SE-AZBK4232Avro Rota I294074/3319/11/21
WV783As I.D.Bristol Sycamore HR.1212900CFS Markings19/11/21
X4590/PR-FAs I.D.Supermarine Spitfire Ia6S/81254609 Squadron Markings19/11/21
XG474/0As I.D.Bristol Belvedere HC.11336519/11/21
XP299As I.D.Westland Whirlwind HAR.10WA34222 Squadron Markings19/11/21
XV424/IAs I.D.McDonnell Douglas Phantom FGR.2308456 Squadron Markings19/11/21
XV732As I.D.Westland Wessex HCC.4WA627The Queens Flight Scheme19/11/21
XW855As I.D.Westland Gazelle HCC.4105032 Squadron Scheme19/11/21
ZE887/GFAs I.D.Panavia Tornado F.3AS09243 Squadron Markings19/11/21

Hangar 5

10001“L8756/XD-E”Bristol Bolingbroke IVT?19/11/21
494083RI+JKJunkers Ju-8749408319/11/21
584219Black 38Focke Wulf FW.190F-8/U158421919/11/21
701152NT+SLHeinkel HE.111H-20/R170115219/11/21
730301D5+RLMesserschmitt BF.110G-4/R-673030119/11/21
HE807KN751/FConsolidated (Ford) B-24L Liberator B.VI506119/11/21
L5343As I.D.Fairey Battle I?19/11/21
MP425/GAs I.D.Airspeed Oxford I?19/11/21
N51RT“413317/BV-F”North American P-51D Mustang122-4094919/11/21
N5237V44-83868/NBoeing B-17G-95-DL Flying Fortress3250919/11/21
N9115Z“34037”North American B-25J Mitchell108-3264119/11/21
R5868/PO-SAs I.D.Avro Lancaster I?467 Squadron Markings19/11/21
R9125/JR-MAs I.D.Westland Lysander III?161 Squadron Markings21/02/22
TJ138/VO-LAs I.D.De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito TT.35?19/11/21
VN679Red 2Heinkel He.162A-212022719/11/21
XL318As I.D.Avro Vulcan B.2Set 27617 Squadron Markings19/11/21
XM717NoneHandley-Page Victor K.2HP80/85Cockpit19/11/21
VH-AZU“W2068/68”Avro 652A Anson I?Fuselage on transporter19/11/21
W1048NoneHandley Page Halifax?Wreckage19/11/21

Hangar 6

03-33119/CHAs I.D.General Atomics MQ-1B?
XW547As I.D.Blackburn Buccaneer S.2BB3-08-71GW1 Desert Scheme
XX824/ADAs I.D.SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1S.7314 Squadron Markings
ZA457/AJ-JAs I.D.Panavia Tornado GR.1BBS087617 Squadron Markings
ZG477As I.D.British Aerospace Harrier GR.9AP671 Squadron Markings
ZH588As I.D.Eurofighter 2000JP002BAe Black Scheme with 43 Sqn markings on tail
64-0553NoneLockheed C-130E Hercules4048Cockpit
83-24104NoneBoeing-Vertol CH-47D ChinookM.3034Cockpit

Gate Guards in Carpark

BAPC.205“P2725/TM-B”Hawker Hurricane?Full Scale Model19/11/21
BAPC.206“TB288/HT-H”Supermarine Spitfire ?Full Scale Model19/11/21

Rear of Hangar 6 (Not in public view)

ZJ116“101”EH Industries EH10150008Pre Production Airframe 819/11/21

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