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Brooklands Museum

Site of the world’s first purpose-built motor racing circuit. Explore our collections of cars, motorcycles and bicycles and much more. Concorde. Motoring Village. Aircraft Factory. Types: Aircrafts, Cars, Motorcycles, Weapons and missiles. Step back in time to the days of innovation, determination and record-breaking on the site of the world’s first race track. Explore the historic site which is brought to life through collections of motor vehicles, aircraft, landmarks and exhibition spaces that explore Brooklands’ unique past. Visit the Motoring Village and see the cars that raced on the historic race track, discover the Aircraft Factory exhibition inside the restored Wellington Hanger, step aboard Concorde and walk on the legendary banked track.

Address: Brooklands Museum Trust Ltd, Brooklands Road, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0QN
Phone: 01932 857381 ext 221
Email: [email protected]

I.D.I.D.WornTypeC/nNotesLast Noted
BAPC.114“G-EPED”Vickers 60 Viking (Replica)?Aircraft Factory, Fuselage06/01/2020
BAPC.250“F5475/A“Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5A (Replica)?Aircraft Factory, Fuselage06/01/2020
BAPC.354“3″Sopwith Tabloid (Replica)?Aircraft Factory06/01/2020
E-412“XF314″Hawker Hunter F.5141H-680271Aircraft Factory, Fuselage06/01/2020
G-AZLPNoneVickers Viscount V.813346Aircraft Factory, Cockpit06/01/2020
G-LOTI“2″Bleriot XI (Replica)?Aircraft Factory06/01/2020
N2980/RAs.IDVickers Wellington 1A?Aircraft Factory06/01/2020
WK198NoneSupermarine Swift F.4?Aircraft Factory, Fuselage06/01/2020
XD816NoneVickers Valiant BK.1?Aircraft Factory, Cockpit06/01/2020
XP984As.IDHawker P.1127?Aircraft Factory06/01/2020
A40-ABAs.IDVickers VC-10 Srs. 1103820Aircraft Park06/01/2020
G-AGRUNoneVickers Viking VC.1-498/1A112Aircraft Park06/01/2020
G-APEPAs.IDVickers V.953C Merchantman719Aircraft Park06/01/2020
G-APIMAs.IDVickers Viscount V.806412Aircraft Park06/01/2020
G-ARVMNoneVickers VC-10 Srs. 1101815Aircraft Park, Fuselage06/01/2020
G-ASYDAs.IDBAC One-Eleven 475AM53Aircraft Park06/01/2020
G-BBDGAs.IDBAe/SUD Concorde 202202Aircraft Park06/01/2020
WF372As.IDVickers Varsity T.1531Aircraft Park06/01/2020
XT575/575As.IDVickers Viscount V.837438Aircraft Park, Cockpit06/01/2020
BAPC.187NoneRoe 1 Biplane (Replica)?Avro Shed06/01/2020
BAPC.177“G-AACA”Avro 504 (Full Scale Model)?Flight Shed06/01/2020
BAPC.249“K5673″Hawker Fury (Replica)?Flight Shed06/01/2020
BAPC.256NoneSantos Dumont XX Demoiselle (Replica)?Flight Shed06/01/2020
BAPC.411NoneVickers Wellington?Flight Shed, Fuselage06/01/2020
E-421As.IDHawker Hunter F.5141H-680280Flight Shed06/01/2020
G-BFCZ“B7270″Sopwith Camel F.1 (Replica)WA/2Flight Shed06/01/2020
G-CHOIAs.IDWhite Monoplane 1912 Canard Pusher (Replica)1Flight Shed06/01/2020
G-CJAUAs.IDWhite Sports MonoplaneJA002Flight Shed06/01/2020
G-VTOLAs.IDBritish Aerospace Harrier T.52212012Flight Shed06/01/2020
Z2389/XR-TAs.IDHawker Hurricane IIa?Flight Shed06/01/2020
ZA101As.IDBritish Aerospace Hawk T.50312008Flight Shed06/01/2020
G-APEJNoneVickers V.953C Merchantman713Stratosphere Chamber, Cockpit06/01/2020
NX71MYAs.IDVickers Vimy (Replica)1Vimy Pavillion06/01/2020
XV741As.IDHawker-Siddeley Harrier GR.3712004Vimy Pavillion, GR.1 nose06/01/2020
BAPC.29G-ADRYMignet HM.350?Education RoomNot seen
F-BGEQ?De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth86302StoredNot seen
G-ATJJNoneDe Havilland DHC-1 ChipmunkC1/0797StoredNot seen
G-BJHVNoneVoisin (Scale Replica)MPS-1StoredNot seen
G-DCVB?LET L-13 Blanik25419?Not seen
G-MJPB?Manuel LadybirdWLM-14StoredNot seen
G-ROEI?Avro Biplane??Not seen

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